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dsi Associates

SBA 8(a) CertifiedIncorporated in 1993, dsi Associates is a woman-owned small disadvantaged business, certified by:  the City of Chicago (WBE), State of Illinois (DBE and BEP), State of Indiana (DBE), State of Pennsylvania, and the federal government (8(a), SDB, and EDWOSB 8(m).

dsi is also prequalified for construction by the Illinois DOT, licensed in the State of Illinois and Indiana, and holds Indiana DOT prequalification status.


dsi Values

  • Rigor & Accountability
  • Perspective & Common Sense
  • No Surprises
  • Direct – Strategic – Insightful

dsi Associates Incorporated was established more than 20 years ago focused on controlling and managing large scientific and construction projects.  This was based upon Founder Hogan’s long experience in the federal nuclear program.  The systems and techniques utilized in this scientific and engineering program became useful as the construction industry in northern Illinois began instituting program-wide capital improvements consisting of multiple projects.  These multi-billion dollar initiatives required significant oversight and controls in order to maximize the investment in new and renovated infrastructure.  Hogan brought her federal science and engineering program experience to the exploding Chicago infrastructure improvements market.

Over the past 20+ years, dsi has participated in bringing more than $20 billion in construction to useful operation successfully.

  • U.S. Small Business Association 8(a) Certified
  • U.S. Small Business Association Women Owned Small Business
  • Small Disadvantaged Business Certified
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
  • Certified Women's Business Enterprise
  • Illinois Department of CMS as a FBE
  • Women Owned

Susanne M. Hogan
Founder, dsi Associates

“It’s interesting to me that, just out of high school, my first job was clerical/administrative at the U. S. Department of Energy National Accelerator Laboratory site office.  We were located in Oak Brook temporarily while readying the site for the design and site team to begin the process of constructing a 25-mile diameter ring to accelerate particles and smash them into targets just to see what they are made of.

I worked with Larry Mohr and Vern Kenney of DOE, as well as Dr. Robert Wilson, Angela Gonzales, and Dr. Bruce Chrisman of Universities Research Association, to support the land acquisition, design, construction, and delivery of the world’s largest proton accelerator.

Acquisition, development, design, permitting, inspections, and all aspects of constructing this extraordinary facility, along with the unique aspects of art and restoration that were a part of the project, set the stage for what was to become my future career, then business.

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Certifications & Pre-Qualifications

dsi Associates was founded as a woman-owned business in 1993 and continues to operate under the management of Susanne M. Hogan today. Hogan places a high degree of priority on empowering and engaging women to their full capability.

dsi is a disadvantaged woman-owned business, certified in multiple jurisdictions.