One Year Anniversary

BIC Spotlight Features — dsi Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

dsi Associates, a highly skilled construction company from the Chicagoland area, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of their launch in Bay County, Florida. dsi Associates made the decision to open a second location in Northwest Florida after being awarded a project at FAMCAMP on Tyndall Air Force Base. The recent completion of renovations at FAMCAMP coincided with their anniversary in the area.

With the completion of the FAMCAMP project, dsi Associates is looking to a bright and successful future in Bay County.  Susanne Hogan, CEO of dsi Associations, affirmed “We just finished the FAMCAMP project and we plan to expand to new projects in Bay County.  Our expertise is in the construction of education, transportation, and institutional facilities.  We look forward to working in many different arenas.”  FAMCAMP renovations involved all 26 acres with careful consideration to the existing vegetation on the property.  dsi Associates updated all electricity and sewer systems at the facility.  The campground includes RV campers, cabins, and recreational lodges and is designed for active duty and retired military personnel and their families.  “FAMCAMP was a one-year design-build project to update the entire facility,” Susanne recalls.

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