Chicago Transit Authority – Loop Track Renewal

Chicago Transit Authority Board
Chicago Transit Authority
Dates: 2011 – 2012
Cost: $34 million

Project Detail

The Chicago Transit Authority Board approved a $33.8 million contract to begin work on the second half of the Loop Track Renewal project.  The project will involve replacement of deteriorated track and rail ties along the Wells and Van Buren elevated tracks, as well as track components that were installed in the mid-1980s and prevent the creation of new slow zones along the elevated line.

Portions of the Loop-elevated system that will undergo renewal work in the next phase include the track and structure along Wells and Van Buren streets, the Hubbard Curve, and the Tower 18 and Tower 12 junctions.  The project will also include replacement of other rail system components including foot walks, traction power and signal cabling, signal panels, switch machines, and rail lubricators.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Management

dsi is providing quality management, on-site inspection, and review of quality for all construction and materials, as well as having responsibility for development of a Quality Plan for the entire project.   Strict adherence to the requirements of this plan is required to ensure quality craftsmanship, cost efficiency, and an expeditious turn-over of the completed project.

dsi’s QA/QC Manager is responsible for ensuring that adequate measures are taken to provide a level of quality in conformance with the requirements of the project specifications.