Five-Year Capital Planning Services

City Colleges of Chicago
City Colleges of Chicago
Dates: 2011
Cost: $210,000

Project Detail

City Colleges of Chicago is required by State statute to prepare and submit an annually updated 5-year capital improvement budget. As such, the 5-Year Capital Plan for FY2012 – FY2016 will consist of the results of a comprehensive assessment of the mechanical assets and architectural and technological infrastructure of all buildings District-wide.

Wight and Company, with dsi as a team member, will make recommendations on capital investments, prioritize facilities improvements based on life-span evaluation, risk factors, and other factors. Wight & Company will also produce the financial schedules and written commentary for the final 5-Year Capital Plan. dsi support is being provided in two areas: Facility Inspection and Data and Reporting Management.

Facility Inspection Verification

City Colleges has provided the results of its inspection of all ten campuses (including the Administrative offices). As part of the Wight and Company team, dsi will assist in a review of these inspection reports to validate the assessment data prior to estimating and data capture in ReCAPP.

Data and Reporting Management

Based upon its experience with City Colleges assessment data in the past, dsi will provide leadership in capture and reporting of all facility assessment data, including cost estimates, for the City Colleges 5-Year Plan report. Conditions of the facilities will be taken into account in weighing the available funding and the priority of capital improvement projects relative to their importance focusing first on health and safety and code and other regulatory priorities.