General Mail Facility

United States Postal Service
United States Postal Service
Dates: 1992 - 1996
Cost: $130 million

Project Detail

The new General Mail Facility will replace the old Chicago Main Post Office built in the 1930’s.  It will include a two-story workroom for processing mail, an eight-story administrative office tower, a related customer service area, and two levels of underground parking.

The site is located directly south of the existing Main Post Office, spanning the Amtrak and Metra railroad right-of-way south of Chicago Union Station.  This project requires relocation of existing utilities, demolition of and modification to existing buildings, relocation of railroad signal system wiring, and construction of the facility, including mechanization equipment for mail processing.

Progress Reporting

dsi prepared monthly reports for USPS Trustees and facility management staff for this new, stateof-the-art postal facility.  Because of design changes occurring after cost estimating took place, this facility has been consistently over budget and behind schedule.  As a result, the Postal Service decided to institute new reporting procedures to keep the Board of Trustees well informed about variances in the construction plan and knowledgeable about the impact of various decisions being made as the job progressed.   dsi’s  ability to develop a custom reporting format oriented to USPS needs was critical to our being asked to join this effort near the end of construction and assist in resolving the problems associated with significant cost and schedule impacts to the job.