Illinois State Toll Highway Authority – Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway Reconstruction & Widening

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
Ronald Regan Memorial Tollway Reconstruction & Widening
Dates: 2012
Cost: $9.5 million

Project Detail

dsi is providing Construction Engineering Services for the reconstructing and widening of a 38-year-old roadway section between Deerpath Road and Illinois Route 56 on the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) in North Aurora.  Part of the 2012 Capital Program, this project includes major work such as roadway resurfacing utilizing recycled material, third lane addition, ramp terminals reconstruction, new drainage system, new lighting, and the overhead Deerpath Road Bridge rehabilitation.

A unique feature of this project is the State of Illinois’ and the Tollway’s commitment to the “Building Green Initiative” which is designed to minimize the environmental impact of construction by reducing, recycling and reusing materials.  To support the State’s effort, this project uses green materials such as recycled concrete aggregate, supplemental cements such as fly ash and ground granulated slag from industrial waste, and warm mix asphalt.  This construction method not only reduces cost but reduces the need of disposing existing materials in landfills.

Engineering services for the project include construction inspection, project documentation, QA material testing, project closeout, and overall project management.


dsi Associates is partnered with ESI Consultants, Ltd. (prime consultant) to participate in the Tollway’s Mentor/Protégé program.  While dsi has a long history of providing construction management services on roadway and bridge projects, these services have been as a subconsultant.

As a key way to provide small firms with the ability to expand capabilities and grow capacity, with the intent of serving in a prime consultant role in the future, Mentor-Protégé relationships educate the Protégé on increased responsibilities required for that advancement.  ESI is providing dsi guidance and oversight to develop and execute a project plan and prepare appropriate plans, schedules, cost reports, invoices, and scope documentation, as well as technical assistance in preparing project documentation and executing proper work procedures and processes for Tollway projects.

Construction Inspection/Document Management

In addition to participation as a protégé, dsi is assisting with the construction inspection and project documentation control aspects of the project.