Infrastructure Reporting

Office of the Mayor, City of Chicago
Infrastructure Reporting
Dates: 1999 – 2001
Cost: $30,000

Project Detail

The City of Chicago reviews its Capital Improvement Program in monthly Infrastructure meetings conducted by the Chief of Staff.  All departments attend these sessions to discuss the status of construction programs ongoing in all areas of the City.  Various data sources and report formats made communication and comparison among departmental efforts cumbersome.

With institution of the Oracle application designed to monitor CIP budget data, City officials envisioned project management functionality also being available.  However, coordination of budget estimates and actual costs and schedule related to activities required significant analysis and development.

Infrastructure Reporting 

dsi assisted the Deputy Chief of Staff in coordinating reporting needs of various Mayoral areas and working with the Office of Management and Budget and its Oracle consultants to design report formats that could be used consistently by all City departments.  Unique elements that provided summary data and analysis allowed Chief of Staff to quickly understand program status across various departments, allowing timely management decisions to be made to keep projects on-track or avoid negative cost and schedule implications.