JOC Administration

Northern Illinois - Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
JOC Administration
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Dates: 2014-2016
Cost: $400,000

Project Detail

The Illinois Tollway’s $12 billion capital program, Move Illinois: The Illinois Tollway Driving the Future, was adopted to address needs for its existing system and opportunities to improve regional mobility, relieve congestion, reduce pollution, and link economies across northern Illinois.

However, the traditional construction activities of the Illinois Tollway continue to utilize smaller contracts for minor construction, renovations, repairs, and alterations.  This is accomplished through a Job Order Contracting (JOC) Program. The JOC program reduces the time required to design, procure, and construct smaller scope projects. The majority of the projects are related to facilities rather than roadways.

JOC Administration

In order to systematize this program, the Tollway has engaged Gordian Group as their JOC Administrator.  As part of the Gordian Group team, dsi is assisting in the creation of customized JOC Program execution procedures and policies, preparation of a Unit Price Book and Technical Specifications for bidding, provision of marketing support for the JOC Program, assistance with the procurement of JOC Contractors through an Invitation for Bid (IFB), provision of a customized JOC Management Software package/database, providing training for Tollway staff and JOC Contractors on the JOC system and assistance in the mobilization of the JOC system, and post-implementation technical support.

As part of this project, a Unit Price Book and Technical Specifications for bidding will be created, maintained, and updated.  This will be a critical part of the Tollway JOC pricing.

The JOC Administrator shall provide a full and complete set of customized contract JOC documents including a Unit Price Book, Technical Specifications, and relevant JOC Program contractual terms and conditions used for bidding various construction services.