Lincoln Park Zoo Facilities Assessment

Lincoln Park Zoological Society
Lincoln Park Zoo
Dates: 1997 - 1998
Cost: $120,000

Project Detail

Formerly operated by the Chicago Park District, Lincoln Park Zoo operations are now managed by the Lincoln Park Zoological Society.  In an effort to obtain an overall understanding of the existing condition of and needed improvements to the Zoo, a team of experts was contracted to assess the facilities, recommend improvements (including prioritization), and develop costs associated with a capital improvement program.

dsi collected all of the technical and cost data, developed a database to maintain and analyze information, and prepared reports reflecting assessment information, analytical results, and cost estimates.

Database Development

Building on the Zoo’s in-house capability to  utilize off-the-shelf database software, dsi built a custom database application to collect and maintain information on the physical condition of Zoo facilities.  This database is designed to assist Zoo officials in determining the immediacy of various improvements, analyzing the cost of a multiproject capital program, or just review estimated costs associated with individual repairs.

Data Management

dsi provided the oversight of all field survey data collected and reported by technical consultants and system specialists.  In order to  ensure a systematic approach to this effort while obtaining data from varying sources and relative to a variety of components, it was necessary to ensure completeness, accuracy, and  consistency in recording data, as well as to reduce redundancy of results.

Project Reporting

A final report was provided to the Lincoln Park Zoological Society containing the results of inspections, cost estimates, and recommendations for embarking on a capital plan.  In addition to the detailed data reports and analyses, significant summary and graphical representations were provided to give high-level Zoo officials a quick overview of existing conditions and required improvements.