Management Information Systems

Chicago Department of General Services
Chicago Department of General Services
Dates: 1997 - 1999
Cost: $60,000

Project Detail

The Chicago Department of General Services (DGS) has responsibility for more than 350 properties in the City of Chicago, involving almost 250 capital improvement projects annually and numerous lease transactions.  Projects and lease agreements vary in size and complexity, cost and priority.  However, it is vital that the Department maintain control over each of them at all times.

On a regular basis, asset management and project information is required for City budget oversight, legal documentation, and City-wide  infrastructure reviews.  This information is maintained in several databases populated by DGS staff. However, reporting is required in varying formats with custom analyses, depending upon the perspective of the individual manager.  dsi is providing this support on a routine basis.

Project Information and Reporting System/Asset Management

dsi assisted DGS in upgrading, administering, and automating its Project Management responsibilities, including various reporting  requirements by utilizing a Microsoft Access database as the source of information and analysis produced in standardized reports.  This “single-source” data management approach has resulted in increased accuracy, decreased redundancy, and more efficient use of departmental resources by allowing project managers to routinely maintain specific and detailed data useful in their everyday project oversight activities.  This data is then used to present summary reports for various high-level management purposes. Projects range from new Police Headquarters and local libraries to roof repairs and sidewalk installations.

Project Financial Reporting

With the implementation of a city-wide financial information system to maintain elements of the City of Chicago budget, DGS is required to provide regular financial reports to the Office of Management and Budget.  The information required for this report already exists within the DGS Project Information and Reporting (PIR) database.  In order to make financial reporting more efficient, dsi is designing a standard report that can be generated from the PIR database and automatically transferred to the OBM Capital Improvement Program system.  This approach ensures that financial reporting is timely, consistent, and accurate, as well as save staff time to produce the periodic reports.