Mariano’s Markets

Marianos Markets
Dates: 2013
Cost: $43 million

Project Detail

Mariano’s grocery stores are expanding their locations within the Chicago area.  In addition to new construction of eight locations, Mariano’s Markets are taking over retail locations formerly operated by Dominick’s, a long-time Chicago grocery chain.

The new Lawrence/Ravenswood store is 80,000 square feet on two levels.  The entire building is 240,000 square feet with LA Fitness and Sears Auto included in the tenant roster.  Mariano’s Gateway Center is a 70,000 square foot, two-story grocery located in a new retail development in Chicago’s Greek Town neighborhood.

Constructing a two-level grocery store has unique challenges with respect to customer accessibility and store operations.  Of particular importance for Mariano’s is providing a water-tight structure on the second floor where its cooler space is located.  The store original design did not include a waterproof membrane at the second floor, leading to water infiltration to the first floor retail tenant spaces.

The developer needed to ensure a water-tight floor assembly on the second floor based on experience in previous stores of similar design.

Quality Management

dsi is providing quality management services to Mariano’s, Roundy’s (Mariano’s parent company), and retail developers for issues related specifically to water penetration in two of their locations.  dsi is providing forensic investigations, developing solutions to pipe penetrations, and providing oversight on the design and installation of a seamless floor membrane in high water use spaces and insulation below cooler floors to prevent condensation at the bottom of the second floor slab.

dsi’s Quality Plan consists of developing the appropriate details to satisfy various conditions and slab penetrations, in addition to a rigorous testing and inspection procedure.