Midway Airport Terminal Redevelopment Program

Chicago Department of Aviation
Chicago Department of Aviation
Dates: 1997 - 2004
Cost: $500 million

Project Detail

Midway Airport addressed the dramatic growth that occurred since 1992 with a $500 million in Capital Improvement Projects.  At the core of  this construction was a new terminal which significantly enhanced passenger convenience and increased passenger service.  This new facility balanced the airport’s road infrastructure with the current airfield capacity. Construction on roadway projects continued until 2003.  The multi-level parking structure opened in 1999, allowing for the development of a new concession area and concourses in the location of the previous short-term parking lot.  Many acres of additional ground parking were being provided.

The development of the new terminal area east of Cicero Avenue, as well as the concession area, opened in 2001.  Construction of the concourses and gates was completed in 2004, with phasing to allow for a continued operation  and imposition of minimal impact to the users of Midway facilities during the term of construction.

CPM Schedule Services

Because of the importance of timely completion and the need for coordination among competing, concurrent, and sequential projects, all Midway Airport work had to proceed using Critical Path Method schedules.  Project schedules were updated monthly by all Airport contractors and a Master Schedule maintained by the Program Manager.  All scheduling was done using Primavera applications, either P3 or SureTrak, and only pre-qualified schedulers were allowed to work on this important Capital Improvement Program.

dsi provided schedule services on Midway projects to various contractors throughout the construction program.  All coordination with the Airport Manager utilized these schedules.  This included support to bid schedule development and approval, baselines for various projects, progress reporting to support pay applications,  and recovery schedules for projects where critical milestone delays or other changes needed to be addressed while, at the same time, the remainder of the project proceeded.