Repair Taxiways D & H and Hammerhead

Grissom Air Reserve Base – Grissom ARB, Indiana
Repair Taxiways D & H and Hammerhead
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Dates: 2015-2016
Cost: $2.1 million (construction value)

Project Detail

Grissom Air Reserve Base is located in North Central Indiana and is home to the largest KC-135R Stratotanker Wing in the Air Force Reserve Command, units from the U.S. Army Reserve and also the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. The 434th Air Refueling Wing in charge of Grissom ARB holds the record for most aerial refueling in a one-week period, performing 290 aerial refueling with over one million pounds of fuel offloaded. The project at Grissom Air Reserve Base involves Repairing Taxiways D & H and Hammerhead (Facility 998).

dsi Associates led the effort to repair/resurface and repaint/restripe taxiways, plus hammerhead pavements along with milling off deteriorated pavement. In addition, new ACC pavements have been installed on all milled sections.

dsi Associates is performing site preparation and mobilization required to support activities. Activities have been planned and implemented in a manner that protects existing site utilities, surrounding structures, surface features, service operations, and the general site environment. dsi Associates conducted all operations and activities with the intent of reducing the amount of pollution generated and maximizing the reuse of materials and will also decommission facilities as necessary and restore the site.

Site work is being done to prepare for demolition activities. Security and access controls are being implemented to prevent unauthorized entry to Facility 998. In conjunction with Base POC, existing utilities are being surveyed to determine their locations.