Senior Satellite Centers

Public Building Commission of Chicago
Senior Satellite Centers
Dates: 2001 - 2004
Cost: $20 million

Project Detail

On May 24, 2001, Mayor Richard J. Daley announced a plan to construct five new Senior Satellite Centers in the communities of Abbott Park, Austin, Englewood, Portage Park, and West Town-Logan Square.

These Centers are the first of five to be built or renovated under a $20 million initiative announced in August 2000 when the Mayor launched his Neighborhoods Alive! With Seniors Program.

The Senior Satellite Centers supplement five Regional Senior Centers located throughout the City.


dsi served on the siting team for the new Senior Satellites, providing methodology, data, and reporting assistance. The new Satellite locations are sited based upon the most need, number of seniors proximate to the site, and availability of other programs. The specific sites were selected based upon criteria including existing structures already public owned, transportation access, and ground floor availability.

Owners’ Representative

Following up on its experience in siting the Senior Satellite Centers, dsi also participated as part of the Owners’ Representative effort. Specifically, dsi provided project control assistance and monthly reporting for the projects. With the limited funding available and accelerated schedule required for all ten Centers, careful cost and schedule management was required. Additionally, in order to have a successful project, coordination with the variety of City agencies involved and the outside groups which will operate the Centers was accomplished.