Upgrade FAMCAMP Sewer / Electrical

Tyndall Air Force Base (Florida) - United States Air Force
Project PDF: Download
Dates: 2014-2015
Cost: $1.2 million (construction value)

Project Detail

FAMCAMP at Tyndall Air Force Base is a recreational vehicle campground about 26 acres in size.  It contains almost 120 recreational vehicle campsites, as well as an office, restrooms, fuel storage facility, gazebo, parking, dump station and several other miscellaneous structures.  Electrical and cable services, as well as security lighting, exist on wood poles.  About half of the existing sites have no sewer service.

Design Build Services

dsi provided Design Build Services to upgrade the entire facility to new, underground 50-amp electrical and low-voltage service, improved sewer service and capacity, security lighting, site utilities, and concrete parking pads for all sites.  This involved replacement of both the existing delivery systems and the site-specific connections.

Design to 100% construction documents required electrical services moving from existing pole installations to under ground, removal of existing septic tanks, and design of an upgraded sewer and lift station system to serve the entire facility.  New, larger concrete parking pads were also provided.

Construction encompassed the entire campground facility and, as such, was completed within the limited time frame of low occupancy.  The densely wooded camping area required careful installation of the utilities to minimize damage to existing vegetation.

Successful completion of the project also included extensive utility coordination, recovery and return of retired federal assets, and maintenance of existing vegetation in an occupied campground with minimal disruption.