Robert K. Vaughn, CQM-C

Project Manager

Since 2014, Robert K. Vaughn has served as a Project Manager for dsi Associates, assigned program controls, project communications liaison, and MOT responsibilities for a 30-mile segment of the Jane Addams Tollway which construction includes roadways, bridges, and transit coordination.  Responsibilities include facilitating the link between the Tollway client communications and the CCM organization and providing timely updates about the program’s construction activities so that the Tollway may convey up-to-date information to the traveling public.  Of particular importance is coordination of lane closures and shifts required to allow construction to proceed.  Coordination of contractor requests for lane changes require Tollway consideration, as well as that of local authorities that may require free access.  Also supports overall construction program management responsibilities, manage administrative tasks requiring coordination with the client, including contract matters, cost and schedule management, documentation, policies, and other Corridor-wide items. Prior to joining dsi in 2014, Vaughn served as a Project Manager for oversight of large construction vertical concrete projects, including interface with new and existing clients and scheduling of certified training for field personnel to meet OSHA requirements.  Oversaw corporate safety program for Northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. Vaughn received a Bachelor of Arts, focusing on Sports Management at Valparaiso University, Indiana.